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Energy Copper Bracelet & Ring Set

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Energy Copper Bracelet & Ring Set

Riley Cox, Seattle, Washington

I love this set! I bought the copper bracelet and ring set in rose gold color, and an elegant design with discreet magnets goes well with anything. I wear the bracelet during the day and the ring while sleeping and feel them working their magic on me. The quality of my sleep improved. Just 2 weeks of wearing this set, and I no longer toss and turn at night. This improved my energy and mental alertness as well. I feel invigorated every morning. Will definitely purchase another set for my husband.


Jakub Cunningham, London

I bought this lovely set as a gift to my girlfriend. She loved the design. And after a month of consistent wearing, she said she lost 5 pounds without even doing anything. Apparently, this copper ring and bracelet set curbs her sugar cravings. She no longer reaches for snacks whenever she's bored or stressed, and it contributed to her weight reduction. This product is amazing. I'm thinking of buying another set for myself.


Mackenzie Irwin, Australia

I've heard about the copper bracelet and ring and how they aid in naturally burning fat. I was skeptical at first but still decided to give it a try. After 2 months of consistent wearing, this set single handedly helped me shed those excess fat and water, especially in the tummy area. I didn't even change anything in my routine or diet. Though, I felt that this suppressed my cravings 'cause I felt less and less need to reach out for snacks. Improved my sleep too. I'm sure this product is responsible in improving my metabolism. Such a good value for money. Try it!


The Holistic Healing Benefits of Magnets & Copper

Copper, an essential mineral, is beneficial for the body's growth and overall health. It plays a crucial role in aiding the organs and systems in keeping nerve cells healthy and protecting them from damage and strengthening the immune system. Copper also helps in iron absorption and the formation of protein, which make up the bodily tissues and bones.

A 2015 study from the Clinical Cases in Mineral and Bone Metabolism journal found that recommended dose of copper improves the bone density of post-menopausal women with low bone density and mineral deficiency.

The ancient method of healing through magnets applied on the skin dates back to 3,000 BC. Now, magnetic therapy as an alternative medicine is backed up by scientific findings and found to have healing powers.

Several studies suggest that pulsed electromagnetic fields or PEMF provide gentle electrical frequency, which works by stimulating the electrolytes and ions in the human body. This action increases energy levels and improves circulation. Studies further reveal that magnets can be used to reduce inflammation and pain and relieve stress.


Constructed with High-strength Rare Earth Magnets and Pure Copper

The Energy Copper Bracelet & Ring Set combines the power of the highest quality copper and neodymium magnets to deliver innovative holistic healing.

The magnets, when worn close to the joints, stimulate the acupuncture points and increase blood flow. Increased blood flow, in turn, speeds up the body's absorption of oxygen and nutrients needed for optimal health. The boost in circulation encourages faster detoxification process and toxin removal, which result in a number of health benefits such as increased energy levels, faster metabolism, and stronger immunity.

The Energy Copper Bracelet & Ring Set is made of pure copper, which contains micro minerals such as iron and zinc. When worn on the wrist or finger, small but adequate quantities of these minerals get absorbed into the bloodstream. This process, combined with the therapeutic effects of the magnets, create a physiological balance in the body.

Wearing this set triggers the body to create hemoglobin, a compound in the red blood cells that carries sufficient oxygen to your body's tissues. This improves circulation and oxygenation of the body, allowing it to function efficiently and clear out toxic metals and waste materials faster.

Detox and circulation boost naturally rev up the metabolism, resulting in weight loss.The Energy Copper Bracelet & Ring Set stimulates the body's fat-burning process, providing a slimming effect with regular use.


The Energy Copper Bracelet & Ring Set is made up of 99% pure solid copper and 6 rare earth neodymium magnets on the bracelet and 2 on the ring, which are adjustable to different wrist and finger sizes.

Both the copper ring and bracelet are designed to:

  • Boost blood circulation and oxygenation of the body
  • Accelerate detoxification and fat-burning process
  • Improve the body’s metabolism
  • Help you achieve weight loss/slimming effect
  • Provide natural pain relief
  • Improve the health of connective tissues, hair, and eyes
  • Relieve arthritis and joint aches, RSI, carpal tunnel, and migraines
  • Eliminate toxin faster
  • Relieve fatigue and stress
  • Increase energy
  • Improve sleep quality and prevent snoring
  • Strengthen the overall physical and emotional health
  • Fit any wrist and finger size. Classic, minimalist design works for both men and women.

The electrical frequency from the Energy Copper Bracelet & Ring Set provides gentle stimulation to the body's negative ions. This action produces positive effects to the body, such as increase in blood flow and level of mood hormone, serotonin, reduction of stress-related hormone, and boost in metabolism." - Scarlett Dean, fitness and lifestyle content creator


Sienna Jones' Weight Loss Journey with the Energy Copper Bracelet & Ring Set

Living a sedentary lifestyle has contributed to my excess weight, especially in the abdominal region. My job requires me to sit in front of my computer for hours and I rarely have the time or energy to exercise. I decided to try this out to see if this copper bracelet and ring set would actually give me visible results

Week 1:

One of week of wearing and I saw no significant changes in my body. The upside was I sleep better at night and feel more energized. I felt like this product also improved my digestive issues, judging from my regular toilet visits.

Week 3:

I weighed myself exactly on my third week of using the Energy Copper Bracelet & Ring Set, and I saw that I went from 175 lbs to 170 lbs. The bloating in my tummy was reduced too. Amazing! Will continue wearing this for more visible results.

Week 6:

I am now down to 166 lbs and I couldn’t be happier. Continued use of this copper ring and bracelet (sometimes alternately) keeps my body in a fat-burning mode. The best part is I feel better not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I feel lighter and less stressed even on hectic days. I’m definitely purchasing again to give as a gift for my mom.


How to use the Energy Copper Bracelet & Ring Set:

  • Just wear the copper bracelet on the wrist and the copper ring on the little finger of your hand during the day or while sleeping.
  • Gently press the bracelet and ring on the side so it can work on the targeted acupressure points.


Product Specifications:

  • Materials: 99% pure solid copper & Neodymium magnets
  • Colors: Black, Gold, Silver & Rose Gold


Package includes:

  • 1 x Energy Copper Bracelet or
  • 1 x Energy Copper Ring

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