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Energy Titanium Bracelet

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Energy Titanium Bracelet

What happy customers have to say after wearing Energy Titanium Bracelet! 

Stephen Cosner shared how the Energy Titanium Bracelet helped him to get in shape in just 5 weeks! Happy for your success!

“I am a busy person working day and night, so I really don't have a lot of time to go to the gym. That's why I love Magnetic Bracelet! Wearing this in just 5 weeks made me lose 23lbs! This brought back my confidence! Thank you so much!" – Stephen Cosner, 45, Detroit Michigan


And here is what Barry Martin has to say on his great results in just 4 weeks!

“I’ve been trying to lose the same 20 lbs for what feels like forever now. Wearing this magnetic bracelet got rid of it in only 4 weeks! It's been a life-changer for me, it's unbelievable! I haven't felt this healthy since my 20's! Thanks so much!”” – Barry Martin, 43, Cleveland, Ohio


    Steven Remi, 33, UK

    Nice bracelet. Beefy but not TOO heavy. Easy to adjust with the included tool. The clasp is a little tricky but secure. Seems well made and I am very happy with it. The blue on black is very handsome.



    Dino Dixon, 28, USA

    The inside of the bracelet is lined with small magnets to provide therapy for your health. This has provided relief from arthritic pain and has allowed me to return to activities without the worry of the associated pain. This works well for me at relieving his arthritic pain.



    Eric Howard, 30, AU

    This is the second time I've ordered this product and let me tell you, IT WORKS. I've tried other products before that do absolutely nothing so when I ordered this I had extremely low expectations and honestly it's the most amazing investment. I truly believe this has contributed to my 17lb weight loss since I started using it.



    If you've tried everything to shed those excess pounds and water weight, from countless weight loss programs and intense exercises to fad diets, but nothing seemed to work, a slow, inefficient lymphatic system may be the culprit.

    The lymphatic system, which is made up of an extensive network of lymph nodes and vessels, plays a huge part in eliminating the body's waste products. Its network of thin tubes (vessels and nodes) works together by allowing the lymph fluid to circulate throughout the body, expelling toxins and unwanted materials and protecting healthy cells from damaged cells and disease-causing bacteria.

    When the lymph fluid circulation is disrupted or blocked, the body's immunity and ability to detox itself will be compromised. This leads to toxin buildup, which could cause general health issues such as frequent infections and diseases, hormonal imbalances, low energy and sluggishness, sleep problems, bloating, and weight gain.

    A study published in the International Journal of Obesity suggests that changes in the lymphatic drainage could affect the way the body metabolizes and stores fat. The study involves two groups: a group with a normal lymphatic drainage activity and a group with inefficient lymphatic drainage activity.

    Researchers revealed that the group with worsened lymphatic drainage "had fat stores that were less willing to break down and release energy both when at rest and in response to stimulation."


    How Lymph Detox Promotes Weight Loss

    Lymphatic drainage uses a very gentle massage technique to stimulate lymph fluid circulation. The non-invasive, light pressure from this technique mimics the body's lymphatic system’s natural movement, encouraging the lymph fluid to flow freely around the body and through the lymph nodes and accelerating the body's waste disposal and detoxification process.

    Each massage naturally drains toxins and extra fluids from each cell, reducing swelling, water retention, and cellulites. The process also results in increased blood circulation, which is crucial for combating localized fat.

    The increase rate of toxin removal and detoxification also aid in relaxing the body, regulating the mood, and increasing energy levels. The improvement in overall health and well-being will set you up on a good weight loss and fitness path as you have more motivation and energy to exercise.


    Meticulously crafted with medical-grade stainless steel with gold-plated, matte finish, the Energy Titanium Bracelet works in almost the same manner as the lymphatic drainage massage.

    The bracelet emits far infrared rays and negative ions, which deliver positive effects to the human body. Negative ions stimulate and activate the whole body's cellular communication system, including the lymphatic system. Wearing this energy bracelet helps open the cell channels, speeding up the body's nutrient absorption and waste removal process and detoxifying and purifying the body at a cellular level.

    The far infrared (FIR) rays emitted from the Energy Titanium Bracelet increase blood flow, stimulate the regeneration of healthy cell tissues, and aid in cellular waste and toxin removal. Both the FIR and negative ions stimulate and support the entire lymphatic, circulatory, endocrine and nervous system, helping them function more efficiently.

    When cells are able to better absorb nutrients and oxygen and dispel wastes efficiently, the whole process can regulate the mood, boost tissue growth and health, and improve metabolism.

    Germanium, a chemical element found in certain minerals and plant products, is believed to stimulate the body's immune system and protect healthy cells from free radicals. This bracelet contains a safe amount of germanium that not only improves the immune system, but also helps in alleviating symptoms of arthritis, asthma, and some allergies.


    The Energy Titanium Bracelet aids in lymph detoxification and promotes weight loss.

    It is also proven to:

    • Increase the level of cellular O2
    • Improve blood circulation
    • Reduce swelling and puffiness
    • Relieve pain and inflammation
    • Ensure a more restful sleep
    • Boost muscular strength & flexibility
    • Detoxify the body and increase metabolism
    • Curb cravings
    • Regulate mood and sleep patterns
    • Increase energy level
    • Slim down the waist and reduce bloating and excess fluid
    • Support immune system

    A new study published by the University of Vermont and the University of South Carolina found that Titanium Energy Bracelet has special properties to help curb your cravings, making it a perfect support for your weight loss journey.


      Let's take a look at George’s incredible story.

      When I started using the Titanium Power Magnetic Bracelet three weeks ago, I was in a size 24 at 291 lbs. I did not like the weight I was at and was tired of being overweight. It’s so hard for me to resist food. Food was always been such a big part of my life, and it was always so readily available. On top of that, I’m also experiencing chronic pain in my chest and my legs. Doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. But when I started using this, after 3 weeks I’m now at 280 lbs! And the pain in my chest and legs are magically not that painful anymore! This really helped me with my diet and really helped me fight my cravings!! I’m so excited to keep using this more and feel all of the effects!

      Week 4

      In 6 weeks, I’m now 250 lbs!! With the help of the Titanium Power Magnetic Bracelet, I was able to fight my cravings and now I only eat when I’m hungry, to the point I’m full, and go on walks every single day to stay active as well. This is so not me! Things changed a lot when I started using this and I’ll be using this more and more! Can’t wait to see next week's results!!

      Week 9

      If you’ll tell me a year ago that I’ll be losing weight by using a bracelet, I’ll go crazy!! But now, I’M A BELIEVER!! I’m now in 210 lbs!!! In my opinion, I look awesome and better than I was a year ago. NO more chronic pain in my chest and my legs! And nobody can tell me different no matter what. This bracelet works and I’m living proof. If you’re trying to lose weight like me and tried everything, give this a chance and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


      Product Specifications:

      • Materials: Medical-grade, 316L Stainless Steel & IP Gold Plating
      • Size: 21 x 1.5 cm
      • Weight: 35g


      Package Includes:

      • 1 x Energy Titanium Bracelet

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